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We can imagine that you want to use the technic, but do not want to think about building a website with it. The learningcurve might be steap. Our marketingcompany uses this plugin to create campaigns for customers to get more leads. But when you think about it, the possibilities are endless. When you are operating in the public domain you want more banding with your members or public.


​The plugin is safe. Information that should be classified can be stored in the database encrypted.


Every company wants more leads, more customers. Our experience is that when you start a campaign which is creative and new people are willing to take a look at it. For one of our customers we work for 6 years now, and the earliest campaigns still have revenue. For hundreds of thousands of euro's. With a initial investment of € 25.000,- and 10.000 clients we contacted for them by postmail.

So, if that is something that you want: we can create campaigns using our technic starting at € 5.000,- We might have a customer in your country that can support you with a campaign, small or large.

Please contact us, we like to create something special for you.

Team Purlplugin

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