THIS PLUGIN IS RETIRED. We do not sell this anymore. The plugin and domain are for sale.

If you want to know if Purlplugin is something for your company; invest some time, a license for Formidable and ask us for a free license (use Facebookmessenger below or our contactpage). We will give you 3 weeks to test. You will receive the plugin and license. You can activate it on one domain.

Purlplugin is a complete earningmodel for Direct Mail Companies. Send out cards to customers and attract them to the site of your customer. You can sell the site, the printing of the cards and aftersales. For only € 500,00 per year. 

It's a purl. So much more than a personalised url. It's a way to attract customers. Proven.

  • Do you want to personalize your (email) marketing?
  • Create more conversions? We saw conversionpercentages of 5% and responsepercentages of 25%.
  • Help your customers manage their personal data?
  • Do you want that members can edit personal info without login to a website?
  • Store all data encrypted in your database! Developed for this plugin!
  • And all of this with one WordPress plugin for € 249,00 per year?

Our plugin is now used in The Netherlands, USA, 

Canada and Switzerland by printers and marketingcompanies.

Make an appointment on the moment that suits the client best.

Let people only fill in what's needed.(Wincode). All other data is preloaded.

create personalized pages

Create personalized url's. All data can be protected with a pincode.

>> Do you want to personalize your (email) marketing?

>> Create more conversions?

>> Help your customers manage their personal data?

>> Do you want that members can edit personal info without login to a website?

>> Store data encrypted in your database!

>> And all of this with one WordPress plugin for € 500,00 per year?

Do you recognize this?

You have a great product that solves a specific problem of your customers. And you’ve promised your boss that this is going to be a real gold mine.

So, you have set up a website (optimized for mobile, of course) where customers can make their purchase and launched an e-mail marketing campaign to attract customers.

But the results are miserable.

People click on the links in the e-mail or in the ad. In fact, the Click-Through-Rates are close to 10 percent. But the bounce rates are huge. And, most importantly, there is no conversion whatsoever.

When you start investigating what has gone wrong, you check the text of the e-mail and the ad. But looking at the click data that is not the cause of the problem.

So, it must be the landing page. You check the design, the copywriting, the offer, maybe the Call-To-Action… do some A/B-testing… nothing works really well.

You’re not alone!

Many business owners and marketers like you have the same problem.
They have wonderful products and services, great offers and good ads to ensure people will buy them. But once it comes to converting the leads online, they’re going off the track.
In fact, average conversion rates for regular e-mail campaigns are about 2%.
And more often than not, this is not because the landing page isn’t well written or because of design issues.

It has to do with one simple thing: the offer is not personalized.
As a result, the customer thinks that he’s on a generic sales page.
That is a huge turn-off. And it does not have to be that way!

If you want to know if Purlplugin is something for you; invest some time, a license for Formidable and ask us for a free license. We will give you 3 weeks to test. You will receive the plugin and license. You can activate it on one domain.

Why you need a personalized url

Research has shown that personalized offers have average conversion rates of 16,5% as people feel that you take them seriously. Therefore, they’re simply inclined to trust you more.
The way to personalize your online offer is to use a personalized url where you greet your customers in a personal, warm way. And this is exactly what the Purl plugin can help you do.
Using a purl conversion can be up to 25%. That’s a lot of new customers. Just think of the lifetime value that you will create for your company!

So, are you ready to give your landing page a personal touch and increase conversions to put your sales back on track?

What is the Purl Plugin and how does it work?

The purl plugin helps you create personalized landing pages (Purl) for your customers and leads that can be accessed by one click on a link. You can use the link in your e-mails and newsletters to increase the chances that your subscribers will be converted into buyers and loyal fans.

You can use The Purl Plugin to:

  • Create a personalized landing page for your customers and prospects;
  • Increase conversion from your direct mail campaign by directing customers to that personalized url;
  • Easily track results from both direct mail and e-mail marketing campaigns;
  • Create your own client portal that allows your customers and leads to verify and update their personal information, or delete their profile (right to be forgotten under GDPR);
  • Encrypt the contents of fields you choose on your page to ensure that the data is protected when the database is compromised.

Besides that, the Purl-plugin has several formats and was developed as an add-on on Formidable Forms Pro. You can connect software to Formidable Forms to automate your complete marketing process. Note that you will need to purchase the Formidable Form Pro plugin separately.

In the plugin you can choose from 5 formats; you can use only one per project:

  • domain.ext/firstname.lastname (a pincode will be asked for in the page)
  • domain.ext/firstname.lastname.pincode
  • domain.ext/company (a pincode will be asked for in the page)
  • domain.ext/company.pincode
  • domain.ext/pincode

Erik has a background in marketing automation, he will work with you to make the plugin work best for your business. And if you don’t have any experience in web design or if you don’t feel like implementing the plugin yourself, don’t worry because Erik will help you. So, if you want to know more about Erik Plomp, visit

For € 500,00 per year, you will get the plugin + updates + support on the functionality of the plugin for as long as you stay customer. The pricing is based on the cost for developing till now and for the future.

Who created the plugin?

The plugin has been developed by Erik Plomp. With more than 25 years of experience in the online and offline marketing world, Erik understands better than anyone else what marketers need: a personalized approach. Erik combines a targeted approach to your problem with a warm personality. Cooperation is his keyword.


So, are you ready to jumpstart your marketing by using the purl-plugin? We now offer a no-risk trial.  If you want to cancel your subscription within 30 days, you can. You can submit a refund request by email at 


Do you have examples of Purls – Demo’s

These are examples:

This is the standardsite that we deliver when you buy a personalised website out-of-the-box. You can edit this personalised website completely. Design, content, forms and you can preload it with data. Make it a datadriven landingpage.
Check the example here, with John preloaded:

Order your own datadriven system here:

Administrative example
[Prepopulated form, administrative example]


Aquire new customers

Personalised website for acquiring new customers. By Direct Mail House Switzerland.
This website was used for the length of the campaign, so there is no live purl to show. Below the screendumps for this project.

Examplepage with images
[Marketing landingpage example]


Scratch and WIN

This is a site which is used in a scatch and wincampaign:

It’s a testpage, because this campaign is active.

What is programmed:

  • A code is checked and when a price is won, an e-mail with a pdf-coupon is sent to the lucky winner. A page that he or she won a price is displayed.
  • When a code (winning or not winning) is used that already is checked the form can not be send.
  • All winners receive their own purl that they can use to check other codes. They do’nt need to fill in Name, Lastname, Company, emailadress. Sometimes people want to check 30 codes!

This is a winning page:

An example Purl from someone who checked one code: 

(The campaign has ended, sending is disabled)

The complete code for a scratch and win-website can be purchased. Contact me.

Christmas campaign

This is an example Christmascampaign that was created to ask customers what gift they wanted to receive. Also a moment to check address information. The campaign was online during december 2019 and not available anymore.


How do i set-up the Plugin?

This is essential, use this order:
(Otherwise you can get an error with saving in the database)
For the plugin. we must follow these steps:

  • Install Formidable & after that “the Purl plugin”
  • Fill the licensefield with the code you received by email and “activate”.
  • Import the demoform
  • Lookup the id for “Purlform”.
  • Enter imported form id (Purlform) and encrypted field id on the settings page. Save your settings.
  • Add first entry

You can read the steps below:
To get the addon working you need to install Formidable Forms, and Formidable Forms Pro. After that you can install ” The Purl” as a regular Plugin.

purl plugin

Visit “Purlsettings” in Formidable Forms, fill in your Licensecode you received by mail and activate the plugin.

purlplugin settings

The next thing is to add the standard form. Open Formidable Forms and import the form. The standard Purlform is saved in the plugin. Open the and find demoform

That’s it. The Plugin and demoform are installed.

How to send a purl

You can  use the mail that sends from the form.

Just use in the text of your e-mail the shortcode to sent it. The purl of that entry is used.

Create personalized images in a personalised marketingcampaign

This example shows the use of images, depending on the person. You can use an image you want to show to a visitor, depending on his answer.

The first step is to create a new form, which contains all possible images.

personalised images

In the Purlform you use a lookupfield to search for options. (If you want the visitor to choose)

personalised images

When creating a marketingcampaign with preselected choices you can import the imagefield (use th url from the image) in the imagefield from your entry.

What ever you do: Dont change the first 3 fields.

In the demoform you load from the plugin (this is not automaticly installed) the first 3 fields are Firstname, Lastname & Company. Please leave these fields. They are used for creation of the purl. You can make these fields invisible for regular visitors (admin only). When you place these fields in another position on the form the plugin might not work correct. You can change the label.

On how many domains can i use Purlplugin?

You can use it on 2 domains. For example your main domain and a local installation. You will receive a license for valid for 2 domains for 1 year.

How to encrypt fields

You can choose to select fields that needs to be encrypted in the database. You can leave it, when it’s not needed. NOTICE: These fields will be exported encrypted when exporting a csv-file. So sent the data to an e-mailaddress when they are edited. (use formactions in Formidable) You can always lookup the information in the form, but not in the database. So, use this fieldoption (encryption) only for secret data. Like personal info or creditcardinformation.

Dataencryption is only available when you buy the plugin. This option is not vissible in the out of the box website.

How can i select the format?

After installing the Plugin and demoform you need to select the Purlformat. You can always change the format. The format will be set for new entries; added manual or as import.

Go to >>Formidable>>Purl Settings. Select the format you want to use for your project. It’s advised to use only one format per project, per website.

Above formats will show as: yourdomain.ext/firstname.lastname for example. Enter the ID or ID’s from the Purlform(s). You can create another form by coping the first form. Importing the demoform for the second time does not create a new form.

If you want to set another format: deactivate The Purl (plugin) and activate it. You can select a new format after that. Please also reselect your format after updating the plugin. The Plugin after version 1.1.0 also has a option to enter fields to encrypt.

Why fields are locked

When you use a purlformat with the pincode in the url, the fields firstname & lastname are locked in that format. When using the company.pincode-version, the companyfield is locked. It is an extra way to prevent misuse. When the link is shared or stolen. If you do not want these fields to be locked, please use the version without integrated pincode.

Create a follow up page and check ownership

After the firstpage that your visitors see, you can lead them to a followingpage. In this page you can also use personalised fields. This is the way to create a followuppage that not can be viewed when quessing the page-entry.

  1. Create a new view in your form. In this case called “lastpage”.
  2. Use entries from your Form.
  3. Select Both (Dynamic)
  4. Choose Detailpage and create content.

In the below section of your form; add for example: Field Company is equal to

And Detail Page Slug: entrykey = ID

You can use , [Firstname] or [Lastname] to check if the entrykey belongs to the visitor. If not; when the entrycode in the url is manually edited it shows an error.

Create a new page: in this case: “nextpage”. Place the view in the page.

Now you can use the complete followuppage with the url:

This url can be placed in the redirect field.

Use pincode and credentials to show personal page (personal redirect)

If you just want to show a page without the Form, you can created a page to show personalised data on. You might use it as followup page.

You can use for example:


  1. Create a page. In this case: “form”
  2. Create a view to show the content.
  3. Place the view in the page.

Go to: Your Form>Views> add new. Name it. And select ” use entries from form: your form”. Select viewformat: ” Both”.

In the contentsetting, place your text, images, and personalised fields. You can use the fields from the form (on the right of your page) in the text; for example [88] = firstname.

At the bottom of the view, set entry als detail page slug = key.

Add for example Firstname is equal to if you want to check if the firstname from the url (“&firstname=test”) with the firstname from the entry. This is an extra check.

Save your view.

Goto the page “form” and Insert the created view.

Now your page is personalised.

Place these specific url’s into the redirect fields from the form. With this personal redirectoption you can redirect people to other pages than a standardpage. Let your creativity free!

Use the redirectquestions from the standardform that’s installed at start as demoform. If you do not use these questions, just delete the questions and use the standard redirect.

Visitors report

To view all visits for your form just use the “Reports” function in your form.

Send me the data you have about me

Just an idea. When people visit their purl they might ask you to send all the data your company has stored about them. Just add a field with: “Send me all the data you have about me” . After that you can automate with an email that you receive that respons from the system. Or you can send the data that is stored in the form. Both simple automated solutions.

Automate after Purl is visited

The reason why we have chosen for Formidable to develop “The Purl” on their platform, is that you can automate alsmost anything. Webhooks, Api’s, emailreminders, Automated pagecreation. Please visit the forum on to find out. Please take a look at Zapier if you want to connect platforms. You can buy an addon for Zapier which you can use in Formidableforms.

Fields that should not be replaced or altered

The fields Firstname, Lastname and company should not be replaced, changed or dragged to another location in the form. They are needed for creation of the Purls.

You can set these fields to ” invissible” for visitors.

Export visitordata and use it in campaigns

To use all the data of the Purlform export it to csv. Go to: Formidable>Import/Export and choose export. Only csv will work. The pincode and purl are added to the csv. Now you can sent it to your printprovider or import it in your e-mailmarketingtool.

Import visitors and automatic creation of Purls

When you import entries with the standard functionality of Formidable Forms, you can connect all fields from the csv to the datafields of your Purlform. The Pincode and Purl are automaticly created. It doesn’t matter if this is for 100 visitors or 20.000. (It will take some time, that’s the difference).

What is essential? Ensure yourself that the first 3 colums of your csv importfile are Firstname, Lastname, Company. If you put them in another column, the purl will be mixed-up and incorrect. It will not load even.


Insert “DELETE” or “Forget me” button

If you want visitors to DELETE their own data you can add this to the form:

[deletelink label=”Delete my data”, page_id=211]

Go to: Form>Settings>Customize HTML.

At the bottom of the form insert the text to “After Fields”

[deletelink label=”Delete my data”, page_id=211] In page_id, use the page-id you want the customer to be redirected after deletion.

Because it’s hard to find who deleted his entry, you can set an emailalert. And the visitor asked to delete all his or her data, so you need to know who it is. So create this alert and delete the person in all of your systems.

Go to: Form>Settings>Form actions>Create emailnotification, and set as trigger ” Delete”.

Now you will be notified after an entry is deleted.

The way to use personalized fields in content

This is the way to create personalised content. 

When you install the plugin there will be created a page: purlform. This should not be renamed!

Go to: Your Form>Views> add new. Name it. And select ” use entries from form: your form”. Select viewformat: ” Both”.

In the contentsetting, place your text, images, and personalised fields. You can use the fields from the form (on the right of your page) in the text; for example [88] = firstname.

At the bottom of the view, set entry als detail page slug = ID.

Save your view.

Goto the page “Purlform” and Insert the created view before

Now your page is personalised.

Why do i need the paid version of Formidable Forms?

To show the content from the database, you need to use “views”. Views are a function that only work in the paid version. More about views:

Sent data from form 1 to Purlform and create Purl

From customer in Switzerland i received this solution. I have not tried it. He is using the Page Purlform as a personalised page. He wants managers to add new customers to the Purlform using another form published on another page. This is his solution. Thanks to Marco Kuster from Direct Mail House/St. Gallen/

> You need the Formidable Api extention for this.

I found a solution to add entries from a form A to a Form B an generate automaticly a PURL.

Its pretty easy . Make it like that:

So i have a form called «Add Form» this form is looking like that and have the ID 6. This form i add to a new Page which is Password Protected. So just User which have the Passwort could generate Entries. It could also be hosted on another Webseite somewhere else.

The PURL Form have the ID 2.

The Imported thing is, that you have installed on both side ( if you dont want to send data just in another form on the same webserver) the Formidable API Plugin.

Next Step just go into your SENDING Form. This Form where you want to collect data and send if afterwards to the PURL Form. In my case the Number 6.

Click on Settings and then «Form Actions. Here you now see the icon for API if the Addon is activated. Click on it to open a new entry.

I will now explain it with my sample.

  1. Give a Label: in my case. API Add Form to PURL Form
  2. Give in the URL. If you run it on the same server just add this code :


If it runs on another webserer make it like that:


  1. Put in your API Key – dont give this API Key to any other.

To find the API key, go to your ‘Formidable’ → ‘Global Settings’ and click the ‘API’ tab.

  1. Now in the Data Format use the Standard «json»
  2. Add Values:
    1. Make sure to use the receiving field key in the “Key” column. Use the sending field key or ID in the “Values” column.
    2. The First entry put form_id in the value field put the «receiving form id» in my case 2 (PURL Form)
    3. Afterwards give all the Fields that you want to send from the «collect form» tot he «Purl Form»
    4. Example
    5. In the Purl Form my Field Key  for Firstname is «pz796» so i put this into the Key Field. In the Value Field i put the ID of my Fistname in the Sending Form example [37]
    6. Go on for each field.

  1. Choose the Method « Post »
  2. Choose the Trigger « Create »
  3. Thats it – if you open now the Form «Add Form» and give in some Data and click sumbit the data also generate the same data in the PURL Form.
Using pagebreaks

From version 1.4 you can use pagebreaks in your form.

In this case we use it to let people check their name and companyname. After selecting further, the next page is presented.

pagebreaks in purl

People can fill in their “winning number” and the result is shown; whetter they won a price or not. Depending on the browser the also added feature is that; or the browser-backbutton is disabled, or they go back to the first questions. We noticed in earlier campaigns that winnings were not saved using the browserbackfunction.

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